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Web design - unique presentation websites

The most simple websites available on the internet are presentation sites. Since their sole purpose is a simple one, designed to promote a company, a service, a product, campaigns, etc., and does not require advanced functionality and/or capabilities, this type of pages need to stand out mainly by appearance. The advantage of having a designer create it is that the end result will be a site different then others, unique look and feel with an original layout, something that an automated web site construction app cannot obtain. The target when building such a site is to think outside the box, to go beyond simple things and be flexible and creative.
Most of the work requires front-end capabilities and is obtained with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and then styled and animated using mainly CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript.

Web design - functionality

Whenever a website should go beyond presenting something to performing a function and/or delivering one or more services it becomes more. It becomes a complex tool capable of virtually anything depending on what it needs to do. They can be used for simply sending e-mails to someone or you can use sites to sell products, access databases, applications, virtual machines or act as mass storage devices (cloud technology).
This is done with the help of a web developer and backend technologies that can include Java or Flash objects, PHP programming and database access (i.e. MySQL).

Web design

Adobe Photoshop graphic

No matter how simple or complex the site needs to be, as far as functionality is concerned, the presentation part is always one of the most important parts because a good look will always attract visitors/users. To obtain a pleasant visual appearance a high-end tool must be used.
Adobe Photoshop is one of the world's most powerful applications with exceptional results and a high flexibility to what it can be used for.

Creating a personalized logo

Aside from having a website that can represent a company, a service or a product at a high fidelity, a personalized logo will always be the crowning jewel or a website. It gives the site, but also the company or service presented, an unique signature.
I always recommend the use of one and, in most cases, I worked with the site's owners and created logos which could embed the site's idea and the company's/service's personality.

Coding - HTML 5 & CSS 3 & Angular JS & Node JS

The construction of a website is comprised of two major segments, the front-end one, which is the part that visitors/users can see, and the back-end, which includes those technologies that give it functions and usefulness.
The front-end itself is made up from pictures, text, the whole website appearance, all linked together in the background using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery scripting.
The back-end part of a website can vary depending on what functions the site needs to perform or services to deliver. It mainly refers to server-side processing and enables capabilities like communication between people, selling products, making online payments, storing and editing documents, etc. All of these involve web programming and database interactions which can be done in languages like Angular and Node JS.
A practice I adhere to, and is the most recommended one, is to always write the pages with the latest scripting and programming languages and techniques, keep the code well organized and clean and always validate it with a code verification app and ensure maximum compatibility will as many browsers as possible.

WordPress Platform - Content Management System (CMS)

CMS platforms (like WordPress, Joomla, etc.) are "apps" that can be installed on a webserver and provides the beneficiary with a few already build websites (templates/themes) and an easy to use interface to control and change some elements.
Although they are not recommended to be used as primary websites (presentation ones or service delivery) they are mostly used for blogs. With the "touch" of a web designer these platforms can be personalized and successfully used for such a purpose.

Web design

Website Administration

Creating a website, simple or complex, is only the first step in your world online. As we live in a world where trends and demands change very often, the need for someone to constantly update content and provide new functionalities is a critical one.
Website administration includes changing the existing content but also adding new one and removing obsolete elements and also adding new functions and capabilities to serve the needs of growing businesses.

Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

As technology evolves and becomes more and more accessible but also more dynamic, nowadays it is imperative to be able to promote services and information as fast as possible to a high number of people at once. Using a website is indeed the way to represent yourself online but simply adding news or services makes it visible to your viewers only. Promoting via social media channels (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Yammer, etc.) means you get access to a lot of viewers instantly, accessing a wider range of public that, in turn, based on their needs or beliefs will promote your material/service/promotion further.

Web Hosting – consulting

Construction of a website is the first and most important part of the process of "going online" with a business however one must take in consideration the web hosting as well. Getting a the domain name, establishing the actual storage space used to host the site and also all necessary services that need to be available on the server-side is also a critical step. It is highly important to understand that a complete review of the finished product (the website itself) is required once it is uploaded to a server, all links need to be redirected and, very important, all necessary services must be available and verified (i.e. to use PHP in your website requires the hosting party to provide Apache server capabilities). You must not buy services that you will never use but also ensure all needed to run the website are present, room for back-up should be present but also ready to be rescaled if business requires it.

Publicity graphics - Flyers, Presentation maps, etc.

As already established, having a unique design is always an advantage and a personalized logo is a must. Having all these things will give a website and its owner good reviews and will have visitors and users comeback. Since the online world is not the sole target it is recommendable to use the elements from the online experience and turn them into marketing material like flyers, presentations, publicity banners, etc.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

It's the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results. The more frequently a site appears in the search results list and the higher the page ranks in the results the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users. As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines. Aside from well choosing the best keywords to represent the site and its content, it is very important to understand that the website itself needs to have a few critical items (i.e. representative page titles, H1 tags, etc.) but also a clean and error free code.